From the Chairman’s Desk


Pradeep Misra
Chairman, REPL Sports

What kind of life, all of us truly want? It is neither simple to answer, nor there is any single response. But the way we look at it is that all of us intrinsically want to lead a life which is healthy, joyful and accomplishing. Then what is the medium that supplies us such elements? Again there is no unique way. The thing that we see as coming closest with wholesome solution for this is – SPORTS!

At REPL Sports, we want to create a common meeting ground for General People looking to play any sport in their vicinity; Youngsters who have dreams of becoming Sport Stars; all the Sports Facility Owners who look forward to enhance enrollment at their centers; the Coaches who are qualified and eager to hone skills of youngsters; Fitness Trainers who are willing to tirelessly work with trainees of Academy; and all others who are directly or indirectly involved in promoting sports at various levels. We welcome All.

Sports are not confined only to those activities which are physically demanding such as Cricket, Football or Hockey. It could be anything as simple as playing chess, billiard, pool or carom with others. It could be jogging and trekking in group. It could be cycling with the club members. REPL-Sports facilitates you in every sports or games of your choice in easy to operate manner.

Let us come together to place Sports at the center stage of society and our individual lives.